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where can i buy in NYC Baker's Couche ?

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where can i buy in NYC Baker's Couche ?

where can i buy in NYC Baker's Couche  ?

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Try King Arthurs website, or

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what you mean by "NYC" Baker's Couche, but you might also try TMB Baking.  You can type the name into your favorite search engine.  You must call them, though, to place an order.

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I meant to buy a couch in new york city which I am going to visit soon....

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If you mean the canvas used to shape baguettes, etc., then the way to go is any art store, all of which sell artists canvas, typically for oil painting. Belgian linen is the most expensive, but I would think any canvas would do the job. Besides, they just wind up getting caked with dough and flour. Not to take bread out of the mouths (yes, pun) of baker supply companies, which do serve a real and appreciated purpose--except maybe for canvas. 

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IMHO, canvas made of linen makes the best couche. Canvas made of cotton -although not as good- is usually a usable substitute (and often a lot cheaper). If you have a good experience with canvas made of some synthetic material, please post it here, as lots of doubters will be interested.

The linen canvas is especially good at not sticking to the dough; some have described it as acting like it was coated with teflon.

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I bought some plain linen at a Fabric Store and had it cut to size and hemmed by a friend who know how to sew.


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I bought my linen couch at a fabric remainders store and had it hemmed for free by a local tailor!

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I had my wife pick up some lightweight cotton canvas really reasonable at the fabric store.  Hemmed and generously rubbed w/ flour it performs well.  You initially have to "season" it by repeatly rubbing flour into it and it does tend to wick moisture from really wet doughs, other than that I think I have about $4 tied up into an 18" x 48" couche.