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Help! I forgot to put my starter up after feed

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Help! I forgot to put my starter up after feed

I left my starter out overnight after feeding (10:30PM) and was planning to put it back in the fridge this morning. I forgot and now I won't be home until after 5pm today. Do I need to refeed or feed earlier next time? Any other adjustments I might need to make?


Some info:

Hydration of starter is about 70%. Fed with KA Bread flour. Room temp is about 73.

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just feed it and get it back on a regular feeding schedule. it will be fine :)

a good feeding schedule when baking is 2x per day: once in the morning, once in the evening. 


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Your culture is a pretty robust mix of bugs, and that's all it really is. Whether it's been fed/stored on a particular schedule at particular temperatures might affect it's short-term behaviour, but after a feed or two and normal storage conditions it will normally rebound pretty quick, and it won't remember that your normal arrangements weren't maintained. Remeber, one way to store this culture is to spread it thin, dry it out, toss it in a container and either store it in a cupboard or in the freezer.

My brother once left his on a bench for 2-3 weeks while he was away for work, summer temps. He forlornly called to ask for some starter (which I never got to give him) and when I called a week or so later he said it (his mess from the bench)  had recovered fine after a few feedings.

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In a class on breadbaking I took last year, we discussed feeding schedules and the pros and cons of each.  You can feed your starter once, twice or even three times a day, and the organisms will be happy no matter which you choose.  Different schedules affect the sourness and flavor of the starter, but the organisms will be happy no matter what.  There's no right or wrong.   So don't worry about your starter - it'll be oblivious to your delay in getting it into the fridge.