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What's the name of this fine bran?

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What's the name of this fine bran?


I have a special kind of rye bran: it's very fine, with good amounts of flour in it. It's very light, just like bran, and takes a lot of space. Its color is light grey. It looks like a sifted bran, including only the smallest parts of it. There are no middlings and no gritty parts.

In italian it's called "cruschello". How is it called in english?

It makes a fantastic bread when used in a hot soaker!

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Is this any help?

It does seem to be a form of milling, because I've seen it mentioned as a wheat product, but also as cruschello di avena...

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Thanks, Jaydot.

 "sharps"  surely doesn't fit: there's nothing sharp in my bran. Middlings ... maybe, but if middlings generally contain gritty parts it's not my case.

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something called "First Clear Flour" which is used in baking Jewish Deli rye breads.  The Bread Baker's Apprentice has a brief description of it in the chapter discussing flours.  It has a very high gluten content.