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Squash Bread (Sponge)

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Squash Bread (Sponge)

Squash Bread (Sponge)

from Hening


Bread flour   36%     90g  (or A.P. Flour)

Instant yeast 0.7%    1~2g

Dark brown suger 1.6% 4g   (or Demerara)

Honey         3.2%    8g

Water         22%     55g    

Roomtemperature±40′overnight in the frige. About 20′for softening it before using.
Or roomtemperature ±2 hours until 2.5~3 times bigger. When it starts to sink, it is ready to use.

all of A
bread flour 64%     160g
salt        0.8%        2g
instant yeast 0.3%  1g-
dark brown sugar 2% 5g
water       10%        25g
mashed squash 50%   125g

unsalted butter 10% 25g

375F 20′ 400 35′
I made experiments on the recipe 3 times. The 1st one was FAILED. I changed some parts of it. The 2nd was nice (485g after the primary fermentation)

then, i made the 3rd one (952g after the primary fermentation)

How to cook squashes 1. Wash 2. Cut in the middle 3. Seeds 4. Put it upside-down on the baking sheet ±350F 1~2 Hours  other ideas to cook squashes

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Your bread looks nice - how does it taste?

I am not sure what you mean about your three experiment - you give a weight in g in () but don't say anything else - am I missing something?

Also, the formula you provide - is that the final experiment that you are satisfied with or the first that FAILED?


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it is the final experiment that i am satisfied with

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the first one taste also good but i wasnt happy with the unequally distributed air holes.( is it supposed to express in English like this?) i showed it in the picture. i use the weight to show its expansibility.

i used a 450G loaf pan. you can see how high it grew but not many air holes in the texture (i m not sure how to say it)


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Looks lovely!  How did it taste?  Could you taste the squash?


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actually the taste of squash isnt strong

i think it probably gives more help on the texture

it is soft and moist ( you see i didnt add too much water)

it is good for light diet because there isnt much sugar

and maybe good for making sandwiches if you wanna more flavour