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Peculiar Adjustable Loaf Pan

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Peculiar Adjustable Loaf Pan

Found an adjustable loaf pan today much like the one shown in this post, but with some interesting differences. (Wish I had pictures, but words will have to do for now.)

First, it's shiny and the top edge is folded, rather than rolled as in rayel's example.

Also, the half that slides out has increments marked in both inches and centimeters that correspond to the length of the loaf. The largest marks are 15 inches and 38 cm. The top of the pan is about 4 inches wide and it's about 2 5/8 inches deep.

Finally, and most curious to me, one end has markings stamped into the metal. There's a horizontal line and two vertical arrows, one above and one below, that meet in the horizontal line's middle; together, they make a kind of axis.

Around this axis are stamped four words, one in each quadrant. Starting in the upper left and going clockwise, they read Leer, vide, Pate, Teig. Here's a rough version of how it looks:

Leer | vide


Teig | Pate

Obviously, German on the left, French on the right. Babelfish tells me the bottom two mean paste, while the top two mean empty. Built-in advice about how much to dough to put in, I guess. 

The pan seems well made, with nice sharp corners. The folded top edge has me thinking about fashioning a slide-in cover that could transform this into a makeshift Pullman pan.

Oh, and I bought it at a St Vincent DePaul in Cedar Falls, Iowa, for 75 cents. There was a little rust, but steel wool took it right off.

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Have you ever learned more about this pan?  I bought two at a charity jumble sale for the Oakland  (California) Museum this year for $1  each.

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I have four of this type of pan...also, adjustable, extendable sheet pans. The ones I own were purchased at (of all places!) Walmart, in the little town I used to live in. They were stacked up on a clearance rack.  I think I'd gotten them all back in 2003, and on clearance, the loaf pans were $4, and the sheet pans were $5, so I grabbed 'em!  The maker of mine is Zenker, a German firm. I've looked online, recently, and although Zenker is still making quality bakeware, these designs don't seem to be in their current line. If I recall correctly, the 'sheet pan' came with a 'wrapper', with baking instructions for a fruit kuchen...the pan went from square, to rectangular, at full extenstion, very useful! 

With the loaf pans, I would use the smallest size for a 2lb loaf, or I would fully extend it, and bake off two loafs, for pull-apart loaves. I baked pan challahs in them most often.

You  got a really good buy!

Use them in good health, and happy baking!