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My adjustable loaf pan.

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My adjustable loaf pan.

I found this pan in my basement in its original box and thought I would try it out. I extended it about 17 inches for this loaf, but I believe it was too long for the amt. of dough. It is quite wide as well. It worked nicely but again I think I could have made the pan smaller.  Ray


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you've seen it all, something new pops up.  Thanks for the picture, rayel.  Now that you've used it, do you think it will be part of your regular kitchen tool set?


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That's a cool pan!  Does the box it came in say name of company or any extra info?


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Hi All


I'b beginning to think from this posts and others I've read that the size and shape of bread pan is important, is this true?

As you can tell I am new. Recipes I have read say, "place dough on flat bread pan............." Maybe that's why my bread flattens out too much(?) Is this possibly  one of my problems?

Thanks so much for your help.



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Postal Grunt

A lot of recipes are developed with the small or standard size pan -8x4 1/2"- in mind. A good rule of thumb is that when the flour amounts to three cups, it's meant for one of these pans.

The next rule of thumb is that a recipe with four cups of flour is meant for the commonly found 9x5" pan. If you've done everything well and your three cup loaf doesn't rise enough to develop a good crown above the rim of the pan, chances are your pan size is too small.

Find your tape measure and check out the size of the pan. Then see for yourself whether or not I gave you good info.

If you're finding that your boules or battards are flattening out, then that's another problem entirely but you can find help for that here in the videos and postings that refer to shaping your loaf.

Have fun in your kitchen!

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Hi Paul, I think I will use it again when i figure out how much dough will fill it nicely. I didn't do the pan justice with that 2 loaf dough. Poorly shaped, and not proofed enough perhaps. I believe the loaf would have benefited from some scoring. I wanted to eliminate two end crusts. I thought that would be neat, but I like end slices in the first place. It sounds like an old joke doesn't it?  Ray

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The box I attributed to this pan, was actually the  box to the pan I used for the Brioche I posted not long ago. The pan had a stamped logo on the bottom however. It read HP Baking. Made in Germany. The Kaiser pan that asegalooo linked us to looks quite a bit like mine. My pan is from the 70's when I was last actively baking. Sorry for the memory lapse, but that is why I enjoy old movies that I have seen before.  Ray

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Hi asegalooo, thanks for the link. That pan looks as heavy as mine and constructed similarly as well. Thanks again.  Ray