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More Recent Baking & Latest Book Update

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More Recent Baking & Latest Book Update

So the book is moving along the publishing process.  Editing is finished, the MS has gone to the page designer and we're now working on finishing up the photos and the cover.

Amazing how much work goes into making a book, beyond the writing.  Brad, our editor, told me that we needed more bread photos, since the illustrations at this point are heavily weighted towards cakes, cookies and pastries, so over the weekend I made some onion pockets and Kaiser rolls (see below for results).  In the next couple of weeks, there will be lots of rye breads, from black pumpernickels to marble ryes, corn ryes and traditional NY Jewish ryes, along with lots and lots of challahs showing different braids ... so it's gonna be a busy time.

We're still looking at summer, 2011 publication, with most of the publicity (that's another story -- press releases, book fairs, signings, etc) to come in the fall, although our publisher, Camino Books is going to be promoting the book in May at BookExpo America in New York City.

So it's all drawing closer, and we're starting to get excited about it.

So in the meantime, here are some samples of things to come. Interesting thing is that both of these rolls use the same Medium Vienna dough formula, with the difference being that the onion pockets only ferment for 45 minutes and proof for 1 hour, while the Kaisers ferment for 2 hours and proof for 1 1/2-2 hours, so they're nearly at full proof.  As a result, the Kaisers are much leaner and crustier than the onion pockets.

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Mary Clare

Looking forward to trying out the recipes I didn't get to test.  Best wishes in the final push forward!

Mary Clare

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Congratulations - sounds like you are making very good progress toward getting that book out to an eagerly waiting crowd of bakers and normal folks too.  Thanks for the update and good luck!


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What a lot of work is involved, I had no idea - really looking foward to seeing the book and the other recipes when it comes out.


Best wishes, Joanna

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Looking forward to the book coming out!


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wonderful and delicious, can't wait for the book to be out, I didn't test any of the recipes, and am simply waiting for the book so I can play! Those are interesting onion pockets, and since onion buns (can't get good ones so will have to try Norm's roll recipe soon) are one of my favourites, will have to give those a try as soon as the book comes out!

I expect that by the time you get the book out, and the publicity done, you will be saying never again, then starting a new one! LOL That seems to be the way it works, sort of like childbirth, you forget the pain and go for it again.

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Oh, I can't wait for the book. The pletsl is one of our family's favorites with soup, and I really want to try some of the other recipes! 

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I too am patiently waiting for your book to come out!

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Wow, has it been a year or more since we started this baking journey? Just loved being a part of the process.

Looking forward to trying the recipes (techniques) that you've added! Kaisers look wonderful, but I don't think I could do it Norm's way (forgot the term), I need  my fingers!

Will it be soon?