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Sour milk?

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Sour milk?


recently I'm taking a lot of a beverage that I prepare fermenting for one day UHT whole milk at room temperature using cultred buttermilk as a starter.

That isn't buttermilk because I use plain milk rather than the residue of milk cream churning and it isn't yogurt because I don't use yogurt ferments.

Is it sour milk? Or is sour milk something else?

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"...cultured buttermilk as a starter."... See the irony there?

The "cultured buttermilk" (in your starter) is not made from "residue of milk cream churning". It's made from plain milk(whole, lowfat, nonfat,etc). At least in "US speak".

Unless you are asking if the "UHT" makes a difference? If the culture is growing, don't think there is anything else one would call it(but cultured buttermilk), given the info you've posted.

ps: From what I've gathered, "sour milk" is milk that is made to clabber(thicken) by adding an acid(vinegar, etc) to the milk, or milk that is allowed to clabber (usually)on it's own by acidification caused by the growing culture of naturally occurring bacteria present in the milk.

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Aha, I thought that cultured buttermilk used only the residue, not with plain milk. Well, in this case I'm making buttermilk.

I guess that sour milk obtained by spontaneous acidification tastes quite different from milk clabbered and soured by means of an acid.