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@Copyu - Japan Earthquake/Tsunami

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@Copyu - Japan Earthquake/Tsunami

Copyu, I do hope that you, your family and friends are safe and back together following the earthquake. I saw footage at the time of the quake taken in Ushiku which if I'm right is over your way. That looked very frightening, a very long shake/shakes, I can't imagine what that was like. And today serious earthquakes in Niigata, I guess that's a separate unnerving.

As for the tsunami..... words fail me. I haven't heard yet whether people were able to evacuate or how the tsunami warning systems worked, let's hope lots of people got away. I must say compared to the Kobe earthquake the promptness of the officials, the willingness to accept overseas help etc is great. A NZ USAR crew is on its way this evening (One from Japan just left Christchurch last night)

I'm booked to lead a fortnight's tour from March 28, but that will have to be assessed. Kiwis are rather earthquake wary with 2 major quakes in Christchurch in the last 6 months. 

You are in my thoughts.


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goodness...oh my goodness..words fail me on this topic.

Best wishes to all our friends in Japan.  My thoughts are with you...


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It's sad to see how disastrous the quake was. The images made me speechless.

My thoughts and prayers are with all in Japan.

Best wishes,


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It is the biggest earthquake ( 8.8M)in Japan.  More than 1400 people were killed and not found now.  Many of people who live in the coast line haven't used water, gas, and electric since the earthquake.  It stil has had 4-6M earthquake there. It may have 7M earthquake from the weather.   The two of nuclear plants in Hukushima were damaged now.,0,2627198.story

It is heartbreaking when I see a lot of people including little children lost their lives by this.  


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My family and the friends I've contacted are all fine. We are based in the Kanto area, mostly Tokyo and Saitama. Our nerves are jangled, of course, from an overdose of adrenaline, but otherwise we're OK

Our place, which is north of Tokyo, was hit quite a bit harder than the capital, itself, where my wife and I were working. However, Tokyo was very scary during the 'quake with so many tall buildings! I was lucky enough to get a lift home, about 3:00am, but my wife and many friends had to spend the night at their work-places, getting home late this morning or early in the afternoon

Although the house was a real mess, there was not as much damage as I'd expected. I haven't checked my valuable microscope or Gibson guitar, yet, because the room where they are stored had an entire, huge bookcase and a gigantic stainless steel toolbox tip their contents onto the floor. It's going to be a major operation to clear up that mess, on my next 'weekend'!

Our hearts (and our wallets) are open to all those in the north-east who have suffered loss, whether homes, other property or loved ones. We wish you the strength and courage to carry on

Would other TFL residents of Japan please get onto this thread? We'd like to know that you're all OK!

Sincere thanks and best wishes to all,


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I am glad to hear that from you and your family are okay!  One of my friends lives in Hukushima where had an explosion by the nuclear reactor is broken.  Right now, 90 people who fleed into the hight school might be exposed to radiation because the three of them are found as  atomic bomb victims. 

 5M earthquake hit to Hukushima right now.

10000 of 17000 people in Miyagi are not found right now.  This is the online news in Japan. Even you don't understand Japanese, you will see the situation there.

I pray for them with all my heart.


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And at the moemnt don't have any funds to send to the Red Cross, but can only send prayers and hope that they are answered.

I saw on the news last night, a quake hit Tonga, but haven't heard anything about how much or any damage (I think it was 6.1 so not nearly as strong) and a second quake in the same area but on the other side of Japan from the big one and haven't heard anything about that.

It seems that Pele is very upset and blowing her top, what with the lava flow going on in Hawaii and all the quakes in the ring of fire.