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BBA Vienna Bread with Dutch Crunch

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BBA Vienna Bread with Dutch Crunch

I make this bread this weekend and I would like to thank all who have made this reciently and have posted to this site.  It certainly helps to see and read how others have made a certain bread.  I wish that I had checked here just before I started and David Snyder posted some picture showing the shaped loaves with the Dutch crunch on. 


I followed the recipe very closely.  When it came time to mix and apply the Dutch Crunch I was surprised how thick it was.  I used all the water that the recipe called for.  It was so think that I applied it to my dough using the back of a spoon that I would dip into the mixture and then apply to the loaves.  I was very pleaed with the way this bread turned out.  I'll be making this again.  I froze the extra Dutch Crunch mixture, I'll try putting it on some other bread.  My Son helped by taking the last two pictures.




Again thanks to all posters who shared their experiences and pictures.




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I also ended up spreading the goop with the back of a spoon. My very flexible silicon pastry brush just didn't work.


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Thanks for explaining your experience. I tried a recipe that I found on the web that did not seem to produce a great result. I now realize it was probably because it was not thick enough, as mine was much thinner.

What kind of flour did you use? Rice or semolina? I have read of each type being used.

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I used rice flour.  My wife found some in the bulk bins at WinCo.  I had never used rice flour before, I was surprised at the feel of it, kind of like corn meal but finer.  I've see suggestions for using rice flour when dusting bannetons which I will try.  The Dutch Crunch mixture was pretty thick, not as think as peanut butter.  It was also more spreadable than peanut butter.



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Thanks. I have both rice and semolina. I used rice also, but I'm sure mine was too soupy. Will make it thicker, spoon spreadable, next time.

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The photos are very nicely done, too!


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Very lovely! Looks like a leopeard loaves:) I will have to jump on this Dutch Crunch baking band wagon very soon. You guys did such a good job and tempted me to try it.

A great team work of father and son, too. The last photo was great, very artistic composition and good lighting too. Love it!



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be proud !  :)


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Looks beautiful!!! The pics came out wonderful - you should be proud!

Happy baking! Thanks for sharing your photos!

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wonderful job... I will definitely join this dutch crunch party sometime in the near future... love the effect and can only imagine how tasty that coating must be

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Those look great Dwayne, the third picture is my favorite!  Amori

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My wife thought that I should post another picture that is her favorite.



We had this bread for breakfast and it is great with strawberry jam on it.



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If i could only draw a line across the end, two eyes, and you have a Tiger shark!

Wonderful Dwayne!