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Noodles, anyone ?

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Noodles, anyone ?

Now here is a fun way to make noodles :)   

This young man does it beautifully.



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Great post. Thanks! Noodle-making seems to be a full body workout.

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Mini Oven

for the soup an added flavour.  

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I wondered the same thing. Guess will have to make up our own combination in the interim. Ever see The Flavor Bible? It's a pretty cool book that shows which flavors go together.

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also worried that bowl would explode :)

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Pizza tossing.

He makes it look easy. <sigh>


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Nice video, Anna.  Thanks for sharing.  As I watched this video, I find it amazing that he can strectch the noodle dough so long without breaking.  I am not sure if he lets the dough rest after mixing it, but if I try to stretch my bread dough (not as long as the noodle maker did) after letting it rest (autolyse), it breaks after a certain point.


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I'm still trying to learn to do that! I've been living in NW China for 5 1/2 years and all my local friends (women, that is) routinely make their own noodles in exactly this way several times every week. A few of them have tried to teach me, but alas, my noodles always come out thicker than a pencil, which makes eating them quite a chore!

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I have visions of noodle dough hanging from the chandelier ;)

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CraigFromNewcastle (not verified)

Wow - they don't call him Master Chen for nothing!

I wish I could do that :)

Thanks AnnaInMD