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BBB: Burnt Bottom Brioche: WHY?!

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Craig Stevens

BBB: Burnt Bottom Brioche: WHY?!

Friends and fellow bakers,

I keep burning the bottoms of my brioche a tete! I've tried placing them high up in the oven and the bottoms still burn. Well, actually, the bottoms don't taste burnt, but they're far too brown-looking compared to the tops, which are a little too light in color. If I leave them in longer so that the egg wash browns properly on the top, the bottoms will burn to charcoal.


What can I do about this? How do professionals get around this? Is this happening because my oven doesn't have a fan?


Please help!




(P.S.: My challah burns on the bottom too, presumably for the same reason, whatever that is.)

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Mini Oven

What are you baking on and what kind of oven are you using, also what temps are you baking at?  Settings, etc.  The more you tell us the easier the problem is to solve.

If you are using a stone...  is there space around the edges for heat to circulate in the oven or does it fit tightly?  

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have a chance to brown quicker. Try setting the oven tray into the middle and maybe put either some foil or an extra cookie tray underneath.

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I think that's normal. For regular bread recipes, I also got the bottoms are darker than the tops.

In one particular recipe (scallion flat bread), it asks to bake the top up side down for half of the time in the beginning so that the top can get browner.

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put a sheet pan underneath?  or if you are already using one, use two?  if you're worried about oven spring, bake for 15-20 minutes normally then add the additional sheet pan for the later stages of baking.

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Mini Oven

So something isn't right.  Too much heat underneath the loaf in this case.  Reduce it somehow.

Enriched doughs (Challah and Brioche) tend to burn or darken faster than lean doughs.  Try reducing the temperature.

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what color pans do you use? darker pans will cause your bottoms to darken quicker