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Karin's (Hanseata) Dinkel Walnussbrot

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Karin's (Hanseata) Dinkel Walnussbrot

I promised my self to give Karin's Spelt Walnut Bread a Try, recipe here, and i finally did yesterday, and i was very satisfied.

i milled My German organic Spelt berries, so iam sure this added extra flavor. As butter milk is hard to come by in Dubai, i replaced Buttermilk in the soaker with yogurt. Next day, the dough come together nicely, was soft extensible and lively. Having learned from other TFL members that Spelt's Gluten is fragile, i mixed briefly, only up to the point where the surface of the dough is smooth and tight.

The Whole spelt also ferments 40% faster than regular whole wheat, so i had to keep an eagle's eye on it. It recieved 40 minutes bulk fermentation, and 35 minutes Final proofing.

It did not spring noticeably in the oven, but slashes opened up quite well. It was in the oven for 15 minutes with steam, and 35 minutes without at 350F.

When i cut into it this morning, it was very soft and aromatic. There was a sweet spicy aroma filling the house even afetr 12 hours of switching the oven off.

I tasted it.. and Boy was i impressed. This is one of thise breads that tastes, looks, and smells heavenly. I thank Karin so much for her recipe, and for her well balanced use of Spices..!

Now, Spelt will never sleep comfortably in my Fridge..



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These photos make me want to sneak into your kitchen to steal your loaf away ;))

I especially love that second picture with the money plant in the background. Lovely soft natural light and of course the bread!! What a beautiful light brown crackly crust, like a tree bark, and the way the slashes have opened. And that last shot of the crumb looks like it's just jumping out of the screen..into my lap. I WISH ;))

i've never been a huge fan of spelt - prefer buckwheat - but this bread is inspiring me to give it a shot. The nuts and spices don't hurt either. It will be a challenge tho to find whole spelt flour, much less spelt chops. Bookmarking this for now.

thank you karin for the recipe and khalid too!

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Thank You, Ww for the heartwarming compliments! I seriously recommend this. You'd have more luck than mine, as my flour is Green flour, or freshly milled, and it is not aged. Do try it... its like having a piece of spiced up carrot wholemeal cake..

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Lovely bake, Khalid!  That crumb looks both light and moist.  Delicious.  I have never set eyes on spelt flour before, let alone baked with it.  I will have to see if I can get hold of some here and try this recipe out.  I like the addition of nuts, too.  They provide a loaf with flavour, texture and moisture.


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I'll have to try it. -Varda

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This one is on my "to bake" list. Yours looks great.


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thanks, Syd! the crumb isn't moist at all, infact, it was dry and soft.. probably an attribute of whole spelt. i'am fortunate to know an specialized german organic grand store/cafe which sells among other things, exotic organic grains like spelt. Its prohibitively expensive , though.. 6$ per Kg.

thank u, varda! its the best spelt i've had s far..Karin knows her stuff..

Thanks, david...! Do try milling your spelt, the flavor will be really enhanced..



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Beautiful crumb for a hearty loaf.  Really well done, Khalid!

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Khalid, your Dinkel-Walnussbrot looks so pretty, next time I'll try your scoring!

I'm very happy that you like my bread - and I never thought that somebody as far away as Dubai would be interested in baking German spelt bread. TFL does more for people in different countries understanding each other than our stupid politicians will be ever able - or willing - to.

Substituting yogurt for buttermilk is no problem. American buttermilk is different from German one, anyway, it is thicker, and tastes more like yogurt. But in this recipe both work well.



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Thanks, Marcus! Do try it..

Thank you, Karin.. This scoring, though attaractive, spreads the dough sideways.. Next time, i would score it to open upwards.. True, Karin, TFL is like a virtual home for all Bread enthusiasts..I, however, love Wholesome foods, and love to discover new flavors..

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They're absolutely beautiful, Khalid. You really did Karin proud.

I never baked with spelt before. Reading about this makes me want to try working on it. Nice job!


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Thank you, Sue! I admit, Spelt is rare, and expensive too.. But the health value and flavor from spelt are worth experimentation.

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The crumb is very appealing..great looking loaf, Khalid!  

I posted earlier just noticed it didn't post...I will have to try this one..I have spelt I ordered from KA, and the local you said time to get it out of the freezer.


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Thank you, Sylvia! It tastes so good with Sweet Preserves.. Sour/salty  cuts will overpower its subtle nutty flavor..

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I'm finally getting around to making this..I didn't have buttermilk ...but I do have I have no excuse NOT to make it :)

I was reading around and see that it's safe to leave the yogurt/soaker unrefrigerated overnight. All I have is spelt from the many substitutions :) Fingers crossed my loaf turns out as nice as yours and Karin's!

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Do show us your results, jackie..

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thanks, oceanicthai.. :)