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Been baking a while, and lurking on the Fresh Loaf, but I've recently gotten the jones to be a bit more active, hence the intro.

I've historically always stuck primarily with straight-dough and sponge breads using commercial yeasts, but since the start of the year I've done nothing but sourdoughs. I've never had any luck getting a levain going, but at New Years a baking buddy handed me a mason jar about half full of goopy 'mother' from his Mother, if you follow my meaning. I've been carefully feeding and using it since and the results have been pretty pleasing. With luck maybe I'll have some success stories to share before long.

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Welcome to the site MCQ. Glad to hear you joined and I look forward to seeing your breads. This is a friendly bunch with a wide range of bakers. We like images here so don't be bashful.


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Yeah, everyone's photos of their gorgeous bread is one of the things I really love about this site. Alas, while I am by no mean an expert baker, I'm a much better baker than photographer . . .

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Hi, MartiniConQueso.

Welcome to TFL!

Looking forward to hearing more about your baking. And we can help with your photography, too. In fact, Eric is the house photo guru.