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Fat Daddio bread pans

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Fat Daddio bread pans

I wondered if anyone else has used the pans?  I purchased some of these and have been very pleased.  They are anodized aluminum and do not have any of that coating to come off. 

The thing I really like about them is that the sides are very straight, my bread does not stick, and I like the color of my bread.  The price was not bad either. 

I purchased the size smaller than the usual 8x4 1/2 and they work out great for downsizing a 4 loaf recipe to 5 smaller loaves.  It seemed as though the two of us just didn't finish the last little bit of the slightly larger sized loaf.

I am just about to order the 9x5s for my salt risen bread.

I actually think these are pans that could last a life time with normal use.  If just starting to acquire bread baking pans I think these would be a good investment.  

I also purchased the cake pans and really like them for the very straight sides.  They make a really nice straight cake.  Terry R

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Karen Guse

I've been using their cake pans for a few years now, didn't know they made bread pans, I'll have to check them out.