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Co May May

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I love reading blogs about food...I've always wanted to get into baking bread but I just don't have the confidence :( I've only tried a few times and they turned out fine...But I want to learn more that's why I joined this site, hoping I will learn some techniques from the members :)

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Hi, May May.

Welcome to TFL!

I think you found the right place. TFL members range from total beginners to experienced professional bakers. We like to share what we're baking and to help each other learn to make better breads, to find new things to try and to solve problems.

If you are a new baker, look at the lessons and at the TFL Handbook for some basic information and recipes. If you have specific questions, the TFL search box in the upper left corner of your screen will probably find answers. 

We like to read about your experience and baking ambitions, and we love to see photos of what you are baking.

Enjoy your explorations of the site, and Happy Baking!


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Co May May

Thank you for the warm welcome :) I will try to post some pix next time...So far, i've only worked with yeast when I made Cinnamon Buns, Doughnuts and Focaccia...My goal is to take it the next level...I work at a school kitchen and have the flexibility to do some baking and I would like to take advantage of that...We use a lot of store bought bread for our sandwiches and I really wish I can make loaves of bread from scratch (only in my dream?) Guess, i'll have to ask for a raise when that happens :D Anyway, I will start experimenting on the (simplest) recipes posted by the members...Wish me luck! :)

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Though can learn a lot in this forum, I would recommend investing in some good, instructive, bread baking books, too. My favorites are Peter Reinhart's books, "The Bread Baker's Apprentice", 'Whole Grain Breads" and "Artisan Bread Every Day", but there are many others, too.

Happy baking,