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Old baker, new member

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Old baker, new member

Morning all, what a wonderfully interesting and yummy site you have here. I cant wait to dig in and catch up on everything. 

Im from Melbourne, Australia and worked as a cook/caterer for 10 years before needing a change, I'm now in health care. I still love baking bread and cooking fabulous meals that keep me and my family interested.

We recently traveled to Germany and I was amazed at the difference in bread we all eat. I must say the german breads are much healthier than the muck they sell us here which is why I make my own. 

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Hello "Old Baker".

I also think this is a wonderful site.  As for brads, I frankly do not know where to buy good bread in this part of the USA, and that is why I also make all that my wife and I eat, at home that is.


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welcome Gwenni from Melbourne

from Yozza in PERTH WA, quite a few Aussies here abouts, There are still a few good bakeries selling good bread but they do take some finding, and you do have to pay the premium price. Home made is  the way to go and making something that you just cant buy anywhere is even better.