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1st whole wheat/potato sandwich bread

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1st whole wheat/potato sandwich bread

This is my first attempt to make a whole wheat loaf that would be sandwich style bread. This was half KA bread flour, half KA whole wheat flour, about 2 tb of instant mashed potato and 1 tb dried milk in a cup of water.  I started at a 66% hydration with 400 gm of flour total and added the potato "slurry" as mostly liquid. I hope that doesn't sound too random...For sandwich bread, I was pleased with it. I did try the hint re: cut the "eggy" taste by brushing with egg white mixed with water and that worked great. This toasted quite well. I think this will probably be my staple, always keep in the house bread.

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It's always great to see a TFLer producing top quality sandwich loaves.

A question: curiosity only: Did you use KA White Whole Wheat flour? The color, in the photo, seems pale for a 50% WW loaf.

David G

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David, it was the KA organic whole wheat . The lighting over my kitchen island made it hard to get a decent color shot, but the actual bread is a deeper tan than the picture. 

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That looks yummy NCK, thanks for posting!

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Nice crumb for a sandwich bread, I bet the potatoes will make it stay moist for a while


Can you tell me how long you proofed it before and after shaping?



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Sally, it was about 3 hours before (I had to go run errands and I put it in the fridge for 2 hours then let it come up to room temp for another hour) and a bit less than an hour after shaping-it was slightly over the top of the loaf pan when I started baking.