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How Many Loaves Have You?

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How Many Loaves Have You?

March 4 is World Day of Prayer 2011. The theme this year is 'How Many Loaves Have You?'.

There is a preset program (world-wide, I think) which includes, at the conclusion of the service, all attendees being given a loaf of bread!

What to do? I belong to a very small Church in a rural area of southwestern Ontario which might have decided, otherwise, to bypass this part of the program. I have been making bread for over a year now, have taken several courses, and thought that - if this is what the program suggests we do - then we should try to do it! (luckily, we seldom get more than 60 - 70 people attending)

I decided to make Jeffrey Hamelman's Oatmeal Bread in small, 3" x 6" loaf pans. Due to mixer, bread pan and oven limitations, I have been making them like an assembly-line using the 'home' quantities, over and over. I mix a batch, set it to proof, mix another batch and set it to proof, and so on. I made up a schedule sheet to keep track of where I was with each batch, and numbered my mixing bowls to avoid confusion. I found that I can make 4 batches - of 6 to 7 small loaves per batch - in a day.

I am freezing the loaves until March 3. I have over 50 loaves so far, so am hoping that one more big bake day will get it done.

Here is yesterday's bake -

And, of course, every big effort like this requires a supervisor. Here is mine -



Wish me luck!

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That's quite a production line to have at home. Your loaves look great, and I'm sure you're getting a lot of good practice.

Best of luck on your bake!


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Congratulations, Carluke! That's an outstanding effort! I often take part in the World Day of Prayer in Australia and will look forward to it even more with this year's theme.

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My baking supervisor looks a lot like yours.

Great bakes!  I love that formula--just made it last weekend.  Your congregation is very fortunate.


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Just a great way to support your community and Church with such an abundance of well made loaves. I can tell from the 'break' of these loaves that a great deal of care has gone into looking after this dough from start to finish. Beautiful loaves, one and all!

All the best,


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in all respects:  the bread, the thought, the effort, the generosity.  I will pray for you till then, and with you on March 4th.  And don't worry about having enough:  with only five He fed thousands and plenty left over!


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Thank you so much to all. You really made my day!

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How wonderful and inspiring! Thank you. Blessed are the kind. That's you, Janice. I will try my best to participate in this.