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hiw old is too old for a starter?

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hiw old is too old for a starter?

So I was gonna make a Braided Scali Bread and set up my starter the night before.  I never got around to making the bread and I've had this starter sitting on my counter for over a week now.  Is it still useable?  If so, for what?

Oh, my ingredients for the starter were:

1 c Bread Flour

1tsp Active Yeast

1/2 c water

 Thanks for your help!



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how does it smell? 

as long as it doesn't smell too alcohol-y or off in some way, just incorporate it into your next loaf, or into some pancake batter. Shouldn't really hurt anything. 

it's probably not going to taste as good as a ripe starter, but I guess better than going in the garbage...but be prepared to lose a loaf in case you don't like the outcome. 


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Divide it, feed it, and see what develops.