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Having trouble with my burger buns

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Having trouble with my burger buns

Hello all,

I followed Master Yoda Reinhart  and made the tastiest hamburger buns I've ever made.....the only problem is that I can't seem to make them without the bottom getting way too tough....almost burnt!

I followed his directions and used a cookie type sheet with parchment on it. I've tried changing the temperature, moving the sheet closer and faurther from the top of the oven, etc.

How do y'all bake them? ANyone had better results on a baking stone? Sliding the parchment paper with dough directly onto the oven rack?


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have you try a tray with hot water in the oven,some steam may help,also some baking sheets are double layer,this pocket of air may also help with the have to remenber to let the dough rise to its fullest,, to minimize

baking time.


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Someone please correct me if I'm wrong, but whenever I use steam when I bake it ends up with a hard crispy crust, which for my tastes is not right for a burger bun. I prefer no steam. 

Keep the temp down, 350F or so, for about 20-25 minutes. Keeps the crust thin and soft. Also I bake them in a Pyrex 9x13 glass casserole, which helps reduce bottom browning too. 

See my BreadBuns recipe and photos for an example. Nice soft crust, mild browning. 

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I have to agree, if you want soft buns steam is not the answer.

I too, bake my buns in cake pans close enough that they touch once proofed(6 3oz to a 13x9,  4 to a 9x9).

Even at the higher recommended temp. in Reinhart's instructions they come out soft this way.

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I use two baking sheets. Put one on top of another. The extra layer of sheet underneath will prevent the bottom from browning or burning.

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a pan of hot water in the oven creates humidity,350f oven temp.,is perfect for buns. i bake all my cinnamon buns this way,never get a crust.

a wet dough and a hot oven,will make a great crust,specially with a stone or terra cotta tiles

also try to insulated somehow your  baking sheet,and see what happens.