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Question I ask myself: am I getting carried away?

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Question I ask myself: am I getting carried away?

This is last Sunday's bake from my bread oven. At least after two years I'm starting to get some consistency with my sourdough loaves. Now I just have to learn to take better picures. The people my wife work with do like all the bread I send with her.

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Wow! That is some serious baking!  Are you getting carried away?  I am afraid I can't answer that question for you.  Here are some questions you might like to ask yourself, though.

What is the largest number of loaves you have baked in one day?

On average, how many loaves do you bake a week?

How many days do you bake in an average month?

Is your baking getting you into trouble with your family?

Does your baking habit interfere with your ability to do your job?

Do you dream about baking?

Would you say your baking habit is controling you?

Do you feel guilty about baking?

Do you think about baking more than 10 times a day?

If you answered 'yes' to more than three questions or your monthly loaf count is more than 10, I am afraid you have a problem. :)

yours tongue in cheek,


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Syd: After reading your list, I woke up and entered a twelve step program for my addictions.  As part of the program, you haver to admit to a higher power. Right now, I am torn between Peter Reinhart, for obvious reasons, and David Synyder, 'cause gosh darn it, he just looks the part. Thank you, your post made my day.

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Nearly lost the tea I was drinking all over my computer screen.

All I can say is - I LOVE this site.

(still laughing...)

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That was great! 

"Hi! My name is NCKathryn and I am a newly-addicted bread baker"


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I only count 21 loaves in the above picture ... I would not consider that a problem unless you plan to eat them all yourself and you have already stated that you share.  Keep up the good work and have fun .... 



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Now that's some serious home production for one day of baking!

On top of that, they all look like you'd have no problem selling them at a Farmers Market or a local co-op. I'm guessing you must have a wealth of refrigeration space to accommodate retarded doughs as others are in final proof waiting for oven space. Whatever your production method is, it shows a high degree of organization and planning on your part. . Nicely done!


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How big is your 'bread oven'?  : )

Happy baking!  Sue

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It's just part of the obsession. 

You'll never have a shortage of friends provided they like bread.

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Wow!!  And my wife gets upset if I bake more than two loaves.

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Thank you all for your kind and funny comments. Sue: that's a mighty personal question (but it's about 3'x2' inside space :-). And I do have a small refrigerator that's pretty much dedicated to my sourdough. I bought it used and then put a digital temp controller on it. It took me three frustrating hours to hook it up in what should have been a ten minute install. I finally realized that the reason it wasn't working was that the refrigerator was turned off.

I wish you well,


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Yea... your getting carried away, but I love it.