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Weight reflections

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Weight reflections

Hope this is stil the right section for this...a friend commented that since I had discovered bread-making, she imagined that my husband and I would need to be "rolled out of the house" soon. Now, we had both struggled with weight as we work/worked in high-stress jobs. But my intro to bread-making coincided with retirement. I find that the process of bread-making leaves these chunks of time when it seems natural to walk the dog or do some exercises while the dough rests/rises etc. Both of us have sharply reduced junk food consumption. All this is part of living healthier in retirement: more time to make great salads, cut up fruit, cooklow-fat entrees from scratch etc. But I really think that the bread-making process has given me a better "flow" to my day that is overall healthier. Hope that makes sense :-)   

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she imagined that my husband and I would need to be "rolled out of the house" soon

Just spread the butter very thinly, so the butter doesn't supply far more calories than the bread itself:-)

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I am always fascinated by people who think that if you take time to plan and prepare your food that you will gain weight, when it is quite the opposite!

Enjoy your baking.