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Leftover levain

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ronnie g

Leftover levain

I've just made my first loaves of Chad Robertson's Tartine Country Bread.  I have my 200g of levain leftover.  My question is.... can I use that 200g to make more bread the next day?  I already have regular starter in the fridge for other bread.

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The leftover 200g levain will probably be pretty weak if you wait until the next day, if you're using it to provide leavening to a recipe. If you're just adding old dough for flavor, it might be fine. 

I'd throw it out, or use it to bake something else that same day. Why not a 1:2:3 sourdough loaf?  In your case that would be:

  • 200g of your leftover starter
  • 400g water
  • 600g (maybe even 700g) flour
  • 15g salt

because of the way 1:2:3 recipes are built, it means you get to use up all that leftover starter. happy baking!