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sd potato bread

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sd potato bread

Tonight I baked a double batch of sd potato bread using recipe posted by prairie19. I underproofed by a bit as the cuts didn't even show when dough was done. The bread was heavy with a fairly open crumb. The taste is unique,tasting a bit sour and a nice taste of the ww flour. Actually the bread tastes great , My question is what should this bread   feel like ie. heavy? I did a serch but saw little to answer this. I made a double batch and made 4 one pound loafs

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I made that bread (in rolls) last week (  It was denser than a simple pain au levain, but I wouldn't say it was heavy.  I did up the proportion of mother starter in my levain build, so maybe you didn't get enough yeast activity.


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The original posting of the recipe certainly doesn't appear to be heavy. Looks anything but. Nice, open fluffy looking structure.

Looks can be deceiving though. Being that the potato starch helps to absorb and hold on to extra moisture, theoretically, maybe it's bound to be at least slightly heavier(than a non potato dough).