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SpudBuns (Sourdough Potato Rolls)

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SpudBuns (Sourdough Potato Rolls)

I wanted to make a sandwich roll that had some substance both for chew and to hold up under moist sandwich ingredients, but something tender enough to be compressible.  I’d been meaning to try a bread with some potatoes in it, as I’d heard that potatoes add some tenderness to the crumb (and every crumb needs a little tenderness).

I looked in several baking books and all over TFL.  I settled on the Sourdough Potato Bread that Prairie19 posted about back in 2007 (, which was described as a sourdough version of Hamelman’s Roasted Potato Bread.

I mostly followed Prairie19’s formula, except I didn’t have the extra night to retard the dough. And instead of bread flour, I used Central Milling’s Organic Artisan Baker’s Craft flour, along with some fine ground organic whole wheat flour from my market’s bulk bins.

I found the formula very straightforward.  The dough was easy to work with.  Somewhat loose, but trainable with appropriate discipline.  Since these rolls were made to surround Salmon Teriyaki, I sprinkled them with sesame seeds when they were shaped, since every one knows that sesames are Salmon Teriyaki’s favorite seeds.  

The rolls came out very nicely.  The crumb and crust are tenderer than lean sourdough bread, but by no means wonderbread soft.  I was hoping for a slightly softer roll. Maybe I’ll try this formula but with a bit of milk in place of some of the water.  The potato flavor is scarcely noticeable.  The flavor is nice, a bit sour, but unremarkable (ok, I’ve been eating great miche, so what can you expect?).




Though the rolls were not perfect, the Salmon Teriyaki was pretty close.  And the sandwiches (with garlic-lemon sauce and cukes) went down good with a nice pale ale.


This is a very nice sourdough roll.  I’d enjoy a full sized loaf, too.

The formula is on the page linked above.  I used the same quantities for 6 rolls.





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Nice looking crumbs and loaves, Glenn.

I did potato sourdough quite a few times and love it. They are moist and tender. I usually add half-cup of mashed potato into basic sourdough bread. I also mixed mashed potato into Vermont SD once, and had to adjust the amount of flour accordingly. It tasted very nice.



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I suspect I'll make more potato sour dough in the future.


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Can I substitute shish kebab for the salmon and grilled onions and peppers for the cukes?


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It's not quite peda bread, but it would be good.


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Nice looking rolls, Glenn!

Did you bake or cook the potatoes? Baking them will probably bring out more of their flavour. Adding some roasted garlic and herbs to the baked potatoes before mixing the dough would also work well, I think. Milk will make them softer, but are you sure you want soft? ;)

Wonderful salmon sandwich, Glenn!

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Hans, I boiled the potatoes.  I'll try it with roasted potatoes some time.

I did want the rolls a bit softer and more yielding to the teeth.  I'll work on that.

Thanks for your comments.


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Those are terrific looking rolls.  If you want to try something a little softer - more like a hamburger bun - you can't go wrong with SylviaH's sandwich buns found here.  They also incorporate mashed potato and milk which, as you've discovered, adds some nice flavor.

No overnight retarding necessary, so these can be made, baked and eaten in the same day.

That salmon looks very happy nestled as it is.


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I'll definitely try Sylvia's formula.


And, yes, that was a happy salmon.  Re-runs tonight.


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Hello Glenn,
Love your potato rolls, and the looks of that sandwich.
The roll in the upper right looks like a perfect mini-version of a batard.
from breadsong


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Thanks for the nice comment, Breadsong.

I noticed that my oblong rolls are shaped like russet potatos.  Form follows content?