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Bread baking history

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Bread baking history

I was reading an online history of bread making and of the ingredients used. During world war 1 the German u-boats were sinking enough food ships from the U.S. that Brittian was in danger of starving. The decree from the government was that bread would contain 25 % potatoes and that beans could be substituted for some of the potatoes.

Rather nice to know but at present potatoes and beans cost more than flour. Individual bread makers often took their dough to the villiage baker for baking in that oven. Some unscrupulous bakery owners would steal a portion of the dough from each loaf of custom baked bread. The price of bread was closely controlled by government regulation.

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Kitchen Barbarian

Rationing was started in GB in 1940 and continued until 1954.  There was widespread cheating and blackmarketeering.  After the war friends and relatives would have food packages sent from other places in Europe to add to the rather meager and plain rations.

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Mary Fisher

I didn't experience any of the things listed above during the war. Don't believe everything you read online.

Taking dough to the village baker? That was done hundreds of years ago, but in the 1940s? Not in my experience.


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frame. Only said that they did happen. Some of the extreme rationing was during the first world war.