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Greetings and Well Met One & All

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Greetings and Well Met One & All

Howdee all from a Neophyte Baker

I am a Coonass from South Louisiana, there its out in the open now. I have lived in 18 states and 5 countries. I am retired and have always enjoyed cooking but have always been intimidated by breads until lately. I can now at least make biscuits and light bread rolls (Granny's recipe), which are eatable. I am really looking forward to perusing the site. Heck I bet I have a whole new vocabulary to learn.

I would really enjoy being able to do more and learn more as to maintaining freshness, complimenting flavors, different leavening methods, histories, and of course just some good recipes to try.

I would like to thank everyone up front for the knowledge you are sharing as well as the time it takes to share it. I doubt I have anything anyone would want or need, but I will gladly share anything I can contribute.

Again, Thanks for allowing a poor dumb country boy access to all your secrets.

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Hi, Foamhart.

Welcome to TFL!

You may find a lot of mysteries here, but not many secrets. If you hang around, you'll find just about every sort from every continent ('cept for Antarctica, as far as I know). 

Are you from the NO part of South LA or the bayou country? 


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I have lived in most of South Louisiana. Cooking here is really divided into 4 regions, North and south of I-10 and East and west of the river. Currently I live between New Orleans and Baton Rouge on the river.

But as this is the bread board, if you have any questions about cajun please feel free to drop me a PM as I don't want to take away from the topic.

I hate to say it but other than the poboy loafs and french bread, I don't know of any other localized breads. Just because it french doesn't make it cajun.

I am hoping to learn more about what I should know. I am so excited about what I am reading so far, its really amazing what I didn't know. I can't wait till tomorrow to start.