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Hello from Orlandough!

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Hello from Orlandough!

Hi, Everyone.

Many years ago, I tried making a loaf of bread from scratch. I was moderately sucessful, but came away from the experience believing "Two bucks for a loaf of bread at the supermarket is a BARGAIN!"

I wasn't hooked... yet.

Years later -long enough to have forgotten how much "work" goes into a loaf of bread- my wife returns home from one of her shopping  (hunting) trips with a 'Baparoma' bread pan set.

That sat unused for several more years until my wife said that we either try it or she will give to someone else.

Well, Okay, I tried it.


Suddenly I couldn't turn out bread FAST enough! I found a second Baparoma set on ebay -and bid FAR too much for it- just so I could make loaves twice as fast.

Then the old "Pampered Chef" pizza stone got dragged out, cleaned off, and fired up. Then I found you folks, and, in fast progression, a copy of BBA, a new, thicker stone and -just today- an order was placed for a "Fibrament D" stone as well!

I decided I needed to join here, not just for the camaraderie of others impassioned by the sent of yeast, but for advice, council, and shared disasters.

I will, for my part, attempt to do the same for others as my experience and knowledge increases.

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Welcome to The Fresh Loaf!  I think you will discover that you do not need to have a lot of specialized equipment to make great bread.  However patience is frequently required.


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and some humor - to help over the production of "bricks", deflated "cow droppings", explosive "vulcano loaves" etc.