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Greetings.  I'm new, and just finished my first post.  I thought I was posting to the Blog, but somehow posted to the Forum.  I will not waste server space by re-posting my photos here.  I hope you will look at my forum post.

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Hello, everyone.

I'm new here.  Just found the site and signed up.  I've been making bread for quite a few years now.  I wouldn't consider myself an expert; I don't invent my own recipes.  I use bread books.  I got started when I saw a book by Beth Hensperger, bought it, and learned from that.

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And welcome to TFL.  I hope you enjoy this community of bread baking addicts!

Some pointers that may make your visits more helpful:

1. The site is around 5 years old as of this writing.  There are thousands of posts by hundreds of people covering all sorts of topics.  Odds are pretty good that a question you encounter has already been discussed.  So, use the Search tool on the upper left hand side of the page.  Type in a word or phrase and you will probably get a lengthy list of posts about that topic.  Of course, if you don't, just post your question and watch the answers roll in.

2. The top menu bar has three choices that I think are especially helpful.  They are Lessons, Handbook, and Video.  Each contains a wealth of entries that are useful for bakers ranging from the rankest novice to the professional.  Do spend some time browsing through them.  There's bound to be something of use to you.

I look forward to hearing more from each of you.