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Rye in starter vs Rye in final recipe

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Rye in starter vs Rye in final recipe

Hi All,

This is a general question regarding artisan bread baking.

When looking into a recipe, say Hamelman's Vermont sourdough,

What's the difference between using 10% rye in the overall recipe (starter is 125% hydration bread flower only) and using some of the rye in the starter?

How do that change the flaour / fermentation of the dough?

Thanks a lot,


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Hi David,

For breads such as Hamelman's Vermont Sourdough, which is predominantly wheatflour based, I would make this response to your interesting question.

To me, rye flour is eminently fermentable; much more so than wheat.   So, I believe if rye is in the pre-ferment it is to give benefit to the performance of the pre-ferment.   If it is added to the final dough, then I think the chief reason will be to give a different flavour and texture to the final loaf.

Best wishes