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Too much yeast in my poolish! Quick fix?

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Too much yeast in my poolish! Quick fix?

When I mixed my poolish this morning I thought I was using too much yeast, but I stupidly dumped what I had measured out into a bowl of flour and water. Now I realise I used nearly 10 times more yeast than I should have! I neglected to move the decimal place over! Darn! I haven't put it into my dough yet, I'm not sure what I should do to make sure the bread doesn't taste too yeasty. Should I just use less poolish? I'm not sure if I can mess with the rest of the flour and water because that lump of dough is currently doing the 12 hour auto-lyse section of txfarmer's 36 hour sourdough (well not sourdough for me). What's the best fix for this blunder? I used 80 grams flour 80 grams water 2 grams yeast by the way.

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I would portion it out and freeze it for use in future bakes.

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As sourdolady suggests, divide it into ten equal quantities, set one batch aside and freeze nine of them in sealable plastic bags.  Add 70 grams of flour and 70 grams of water to the batch you set aside and begin anew.

It may not turn out the perfect loaf but it's better than wasting perfectly good food.