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My very first try at brioche and making bread from scratch

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My very first try at brioche and making bread from scratch

It's not exactly pretty or perfect but man did it taste good and it made the house smell amazing!!!

I made this from a recipe I found online from the Bread Bakers Apprentice for rich mans brioche and adapted it to make the middle class brioche which is the same recipe only half the butter if the online version was correct, the next time I will try to make sure that I have a good instant read thermometer.

My wife and son loved the bread and now my wife is hoarding the bread until tommorrow morning so I can make french toast.  :)

I am going to attempt to attach photos of the bread so any input or suggestions you guys can give will be greatly appreciated.



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Nice long loaf FoodHacker. I can't make out any crumb information from your picture. I'll bet it is fine though judging by the rest of the loaf which looks great. Nice color. I made my second brioche not long ago and it went well. My first try was over 30 years ago, and I can't remember what it looked like. The recipe I most recently used was one I got on line. The butter was cut into the flour much like a pie crust. Used the Cuisenart to make what I think was a 3- 1/2 cups flour, umpteen eggs and lots of frozen butter. When my Cuisenart stalled I quit the kneading and refrigerated the dough overnight. After the food processor rested it was all right again. The dough next day was very sluggish, took forever to warm up, It looked almost exactly the same as when I put it in the fridge. I finally shaped and proofed it, again almost no change in shape or size, so I baked it thinking let's get this over with(expecting a disaster) when wonder of wonders it sprung almost out of the 9X5" pan. Ray

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Congrats FoodHacker.  Looks very good and you will love the french toast; if your wife allows you to share in the feast.