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UPDATE: The Bread Challenge!

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UPDATE: The Bread Challenge!


  It's been awhile, but 'The Bread Challenge', is cranking right along and new members joining on a regular basis.  For those that do not know what this is, the home page is  As shown on our web page, the following is what The Bread Challenge is all about:

"Similar to other bread baking challenges, we are a group of enthusiastic amateur and professional bakers of artisan breads ...coming together to bake our way through Jeffrey Hamelman's landmark work, Bread: A Baker's Book of Techniques and Recipes."

If this sounds interesting to you, then please allow us to welcome you to the club ...stop by our web site, read the rules, look at the recipe list and then please do get involved!  Note:  The rules are nearly non-existent and there is no schedule.  The recipe list is a shortened list of what is in the book, but has you selecting recipes that represent each key group of recipes in the book.  For example, you don't have to bake both Roasted Potato Bread and Potato Bread with Roasted Onions, you can pick just one and bake that.  The intention is to experience each major technique and category of bread at least once as you bake your way through the book.  Oh, and you don't have to bake in any particular order.  Just let your whims, moods, and feelings guide you!

We also maintain a blog aggregation web site (a site with updates coming from several member's blogs) that you can take a look at:

My blog is at:

Whole Wheat Bread with a Multigrain Soaker, p. 126


Hope to see you soon!  Use the contact info at our web site (above) when you wish to join and I will add your name to the list.  If you maintain a blog, or want to, we can help with that and we will add links for to our site for that as well.


Thanks for listening!





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You forgot to mention,  Brian, that it's the very laid back challenge!  ;-)

Maybe I'll do the oatmeal bread this weekend and take a break from sourdough.


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Absolutely!  For OUR little club, it doesn't matter if someone bakes them all in 6 months or 10 years's all for fun, learning, and sharing our experiences.

Me?  I'm baking the Black Bread next, and reserving a portion of it as 'old bread' to use in the Horst Bandel's Pumpernickel.  I might bake it in my pullman loaf pan, but haven't decided yet.  But it appears to be very close to the pumpernickel that both my wife and I grew up eating (both of us are german, raised by german immigrants ...mine to the US and my wife's to Canada).  It's one of our favorite breads.  I ordered rye chops, rye berries, and rye meal ...all organic of course ...from Rhonda at Organic Wheat Products, one of our own TFL members.  Black Bread this weekend ...the pumpernickel next weekend!



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Mini Oven

the most extremely laid back of the bunch.  Even if one joined now, they would be ahead of me.  I've had issues with wheat.  So I have cut it out of my pantry.   I will head for the decorative section.