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Video lessons with Master Baker Jeffrey Hamelman

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Video lessons with Master Baker Jeffrey Hamelman

King Arthur Flour has created a wonderful video series called Techniques for the Professional Baker which are awesome.

While labeled for the "pros," serious home bakers can learn a lot from these videos.  I sure did.

Total running time is 30 minutes and includes info on mixing and folding, gluten development, shaping baugettes, rounds, and bâtards, scoring baguettes, and evaluation.   There's also a great shot of what a ripe poolish should look like.

Thank you so much, KAF and Messrs. Hamelman and Philips!

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Thanks Lindy! these videos are a gem! thanks!!

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I'm so glad that KAF put those videos online and that you enjoyed them too.

I've always been drawn to Jeffrey Hamelman's methods because he's a baker first and foremost, as well as a fantastic educator who can be quite poetic.

His description of a soft hand on the dough being similar to placing your hand on the forearm of the person you love most is something I'll remember the next time I shape dough.

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Massive thanks to everyone involved.  Patsy

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Those capture so well Hamelman's teaching style and his whole approach to bread.

It's what makes a course at KAF (as at SFBI) such an incredible experience for the baker looking to gain new insights and skills.


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Hi Lindy,

Many thanks indeed for flagging these up!

Working my way through them. However I have to say that the shaping video is invaluable. I could never really work out Jeffrey Hamelman's shaping technique from verbal descriptions or diagrams. This is very helpful. Looks a bit more like wringing out a chamois leather than I imagined it to be!

Look forward to viewing the rest.

Thanks for sharing! Daisy_A

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Thanks Lindy!

Nice to finally see Mr. Hamelman in action. Always a treat to watch a master at his craft.


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Thanks for posting this.   I am looking forward to watching.  -Varda

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Thanks for this! I watched all of them this morning with a buckwheat pancake and tea! What a great and educational start to my day. : D

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Good Morning Lindy:

It is the best video!  I learn so much. Thank you, thank you, thank you.


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Hi Lindy,

I remember seeing the scoring video from Mark some time ago.   All these new additions from Mr Hamelman  are total gems.



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I'm completely humbled by the clear and straight forward manner which Mr. Hamelman presents this subject. This is one for keeping and referring to repeatedly.


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Thank you Lindy!!!
What an opportunity, to hear the masters speak and watch their professional skill.
In Mr. Hamelman's book, the passion and respect he has for the craft leaps off the page, and it was so evident
in his voice and teaching in these videos.
I've learned so much from watching them - thanks again!!!
from breadsong





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Thanks for the link, Lindy.  I always find it helpful to watch a pro handle the dough.  This one adds a nice bit of explanation about why things should be done a certain way.  I'll refer back to this regularly.


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Great videos!   I am passing this along to many friends....


thanks for posting!