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I made a mighty miche!

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Ryan Sandler

I made a mighty miche!

With all this talk on the forum about miche lately, I've been itching to give it a try.  So when the excellent dmsnyder posted the formula for the miche he made in the SFBI Artisan II workshop, I decided that the time was now and the bread should be here!

I followed the very nicely written formula at the link, using a small amount of whole wheat flour in the Levain and toasted wheat germ in the final build, as I've no good source for high-extraction whole wheat flour.  I made the levain with 25% whole wheat flour, 75% KAF AP (and my starter had been fed the same mix), to get approximately 3.33% whole wheat in the final dough (it actually ends up being a bit more, but I didn't worry about it).

I must say, this is an excellent formula, and an excellent bread.  Incredible oven spring.  Wonderful alliterative potential too: My massive mighty miche makes mastication memorable.

Anyway, pictures:

From the top


Another external view


Miriam meets miche


Not a bad crumb either.


We sliced it 7 hours after it came out of the oven.  Lovely flavor and texture, lots of character.  Looking forward to snacking on the remaining three quarters of a loaf  I'd definitely make it again, although unlike dmsnyder, the notion of upgrading to a 2kg loaf sounds intimidating!  If nothing else, there's no way that would fit in my poor little banetons.  I guess there's always the "napkin in a bowl" trick, eh?


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Hello Ryan, How lovely to log on to the website tonight and see this.
That's a great-looking loaf, and your daughter sure is cute too! :^)
from breadsong



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Lovely child and lovely bread! 

I bring in a big miche similar in size from time to time at the yarn shop I frequent for the ladies and one of them always takes it before I slice it up and parades it around the group as she intones reverently, "BREAD, Ladies, B-R-E-A-D, B---R---E---A---DDDDDDD!"  I've never taken home leftovers.  Funny how something so simple as bread and butter can be such a hit.  I must also chant B-R-E-A-D as I look at your wonderful loaf.  Nice job! 

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Gorgeous little girl! Pretty nice bread, too.

I'm glad you enjoyed  the miche! It does look wonderful.

I just finished feeding my levain with freshly milled WW and KAF Sir Galahad. I haven't decided for sure what I'm going to bake. Too many candidates, but I know one is going to be my San Joaquin Sourdough with fresh milled rye and whole wheat.

I'm just sad I've no little girls around to gum the crusts this weekend. (You really got to this bread baking pediatrician/grandfather with the photo of your daughter!)


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such a sweetheart !   Bread was a great success, congratulations !




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Beautiful looking loaf, Ryan.  Are you taking a break from the baguettes then?  Baguettes are bound to beat the baker before the baker  bests the baguettes. (Plenty of alliterative fodder there, too).  :)  And your daughter is looking gorgeous!  You must be a very proud dad.  At any rate, you  can now attack your baguettes again with a renewed confidence after such a mighty fine loaf. 


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Ryan Sandler

Thanks Syd!  The baguettes haven't beaten me yet, but I never got around to posting about last weeks' batch.

And yes, I am indeed a very proud father :). She's a cutie, eh?

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Nice looking miche. I love how you compare the size of the miche with your kids too. That's clever.


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Great looking loaf!  Your daughter is a cutie too.

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Terrific looking loaf, I like the scoring pattern - and what a lovely, smiley girl you have!


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Beautiful bread!

Very nice high spring and a great looking crumb.  I bet Miriam can't wait to gum some.  Cute critters continually crave crust. 


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Looks Good Ryan

How many hours after it was removed from the refrigerator did the dough require to complete proofing?  Were you looking for a doubling or did you use a finger test?

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Ryan Sandler

I used a finger test.  I turned on the oven after 45 minutes, but I can't remember if I baked it right at the 1-1/2 hour mark, or if i waited for 2 hours.  I think it was 1-1/2 hours.  Now I'm getting the miche confused with the sourdough dinner rolls I made yesterday...

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Just beautiful all the way around!