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boulangerie videos

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boulangerie videos

My sister, who is not a TFL member, and should be because she makes fabulous breads, happened upon the following website:

should be shared - Sharon

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The videos are fantastic - so many shapes I've seen but never actually seen created and scored!

A wonderful gift to TFL!


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Hello Sharon, It was very considerate of you to post this link - lots of good stuff there, and bread shapes I've never before seen - thanks so much!
from breadsong

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Thank you so much for posting this. I know what I'll be doing tonight!

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Everyone is so very welcome!  I think it's great that those with the expertise are happy and willing to share with those of us who are striving to learn and at the same time not expecting anything in return.  Many of those people live right here on TFL!!

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try just using the web address up to the first foreward slash it takes you to the main web site amazing you need to google translate it.