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milling whole wheat

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milling whole wheat

do you mill your own whole wheat flour.... qahtan

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I just recently started. I'm using the grain mill attachment for my KitchenAid mixer. So far, no problems and I love the breads I've made using fresh milled WW.


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I like mine, too  :)

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I use a country living mill.

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Yes, I use a Nutrimill and love it.

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I use a commercial stone mill and also use a Nutrimill for very fine grinds of the grains that we grow.

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What mill do you use, Qahtan?

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I mill wheat, other grains and some beans.

I own 3 grain mills, all electric. I use all of them. Here they are...


== Hobart-made Kitchenaid Grain Mill Attachment ==

  - shown attached to my beloved Hobart-made Kitchenaid mixer


== Nutrimill Grain Mill (one speed model) ==


== Lee Household Flour Mill ==

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I also have a Nutrimill that I not only grind my wheat but popcorn for my cornmeal as well.

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I use a WonderMill, which I prefer over the NutriMill and I also use a Retsel to mill all my grains and legumes.

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Frequent Flyer

milling wheat at home using a Blendtek mill.

I love the results.  Great taste and very good loaves.