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Ciao from Italy

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Ciao from Italy

Hi everybody,

this really seems like a cool site, full of inspirations. I need some advice for which I'm about to open a new thread now, in Cookies Cakes and Pasrtries I suppose. I hope someone can explain to me some dough handling steps in a Greek recipe.

Thanks all and have a good day!

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I'll be in Puglia from May to Oct, but I don't do cookies there.


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Hi, Lalla.

Welcome to TFL!

What is your dough handling question? 


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Anche se io vivo in Ecuador...

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Optionparti, Puglia is great for food and cheap too. But it seems like you've already been there.

dmsnyder, I posted it here

but I guess I figured it out, even if I still have to do it because I need to buy tahini again.

Ciao breadinquito, Ecuador eh, quanto t'invidio al momento! ;)