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Hello, newbie here, french/italian bread attempt ... :)

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Hello, newbie here, french/italian bread attempt ... :)


I am a total newbie.  I got started into bread-making for wanting of a good bread to go with my weekly crockpot and other feasts.  I began with a bread machine, from which I made some edible bread, but was not ideal.  I have been reading the Hamelman book, "Bread", and it was an eye opening experience.  My shaping and scoring leaves a lot to be desired, and I screwed up this batch, but here is my recent attempt at something resembling a baguette.  

I followed the directions on 'Baguettes with Poolish', but for me I used autolyse and I had to add a little bit of extra water to the autolyse mix.

I cooked this on a baking stone in my home oven at 450 for appx 35 mins.  I did the poor-man's steam method (dumping water into the oven).   I have an oven steamer but I have not used it yet.

Not the best, but I am learning...







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wish I had a steamer, but hey will just have to do with what I do have!

Its always nice to see others who are still learning, and you will simply love the site and all the information on it!

I'm in Northern BC Canada so we are a long ways apart, and its nice to have something in common!