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Water roux bread- my take

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Water roux bread- my take

I have read with interest about the 'water roux' method of making bread. The recipes I found said that the bread would be lighter, fluffier, and stay fresher longer. I am not a fluffy-bread person but I am interested in extending the life of my breads so I tried it. I used 50 gm of flour and 250 ml of water, cooked it to a smooth 'paste', let it cool, and used it in my everyday bread much as a would use a poolish. I just adjusted the amount of water in the dough but other than that I used my regular formula. The bread was faboo- great oven spring, good crumb, and yes, it remained fresh-tasting and non-moldy well past its prime. I am sold. I seem to remember in one of PR's books something about cooking the grains- perhaps this is the same reasoning. More research is needed. Just another thing to experiment in this great adventure known as 'bread making'.


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it's one of the many things on my Bread list of "things to do".  Maybe I'll bump it up!

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would you share your recipe?