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Bread crust

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Bread crust

No matter which technique I use, Julie Child's, strict no-knead, no-knead with Cuisinart kneading, I find that my breads are crusty when the crusts are pretty dark, as seems to be the case in all the pictures on this site.  However, being a Francophile, especially a Parisophile (?), and having eaten baguettes there in over 30 trips (my reason to start baking breads)  I have always found that the baguettes there have thin, very crispy crusts but are much lighter in color, a light golden brown. They never look dark, well done or almost burned.  How do they do it?

Fred Melnick


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I don't have Julia Child's, strict no-knead, no-knead with Cuisinart kneading formula and instructions so I can't offer much help.  It'd be easier to analyze what you're problem might be is you could provide the recipe/formulal and describe your method of baking.

Off the top of my head I'd say you likely have an oven temperature, oven positioning of the bread, oven humidity or loaf final preparation issue but those are simply guesses.

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if anyone can figger it out, please let me know .. I too am after the thin crispy crust ..