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My first attempt at some French Bread Baguettes

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Meat Hunter

My first attempt at some French Bread Baguettes

French bread cut and proofed into 3 small baguettes.

First thing was to make my pate fermentee. Let it rise until it is 1 1/2 times it's original size, then tossed it in the fridge overnight.

Next day, remove and cut it into several smaller pieces so it comes up to room temp quicker.

I took pics of this process but I didnt have the memory card in
Here is where I realized that.

Everything mixed, let double in size and gently coax it out of the bowl and onto the table where I divided it into 3 separate pieces, being careful not to degas it.

3 pieces cut.

Next, using the side of my hand, make a crease up the middle end to end.

Roll the edge over and seal like you would an envelope.

Next, with a floured surface, starting in the middle, gently roll the dough back and forth working your way towards the edges to lengthen the dough.

Once that is done, slip inside a large plastic bag and let it rise till 1 1/2 times its size. A bit past the half way point on this rise, I removed and made the slits in the crust, trying to catch the bread to do this on the rise rather than after it has risen so as not to degas the loaf.
I just bought a new pack of them double edged razors last night and I'll be dammed if I can find them. I had to use a utility blade. Not the same as it took more pressure to cut with them, thus I didn't get the cuts I wanted Will have to buy some more I guess.

Put these in the oven at 500 degrees where I added 1 cup of water to a pan below the sheet to make a quick blast of steam. Sprayed the oven walls 3 more times in 30 second intervals, then lowered the oven temps to 450.

Out of the oven.
Nice redish golden color to them, although it does not look like it in the pics.
I think that flourescent light about the stove messes with the colors.
Pretty good texture. Tastes great with hint of sweet aftertaste.

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Nice crumb.  Looks like you're on the right track.  Crumb, texture, flavor.  If you've got those you've got a winner.

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I've not successfully made baguettes yet. Definitely on my "to do" list. every other bread I have made has come out fine except my baguettes (overproofed I think).

Good job!