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Pizza in Portland, OR

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Pizza in Portland, OR

Headed to Portland soon for a weekend - any suggestions on wood fired pizza palaces?

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Apizza Scholls has an amazing crust on their pizza, I would definetly check them out.

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This is the one (In the Oregon Portland) that everyone always talks about! We have heard there can be lines and waits because it's so well known as "the place" to go, and they are only open for dinners so we have yet to make it out there but I keep hearing only good things about the actual pizza!

bnom's picture

Try the truffle pizza. And the cesar salad is excellent too.  I'm ready for a road trip!

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Which Portland?

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Portland, OR


Sorry about that.

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...then my favorite is Hot Lips Pizza.  Not only do they have great pizza but they also have theor own microbrew...  enjoy!

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Apizza Scholls or Ken's Artisan pizza are both excellent.