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Bon Appetit magazine (Jan.2011) article - Top Ten Best Bread Bakeries in America

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Bon Appetit magazine (Jan.2011) article - Top Ten Best Bread Bakeries in America

Hello, Just came across this article...

Regards, breadsong

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Postal Grunt

After reading the comments, I suspect that BA is in need of more research. I'm sure they could find a number of qualified field researchers here at TFL. Every one will be ready to surrender a couple of notches on their belts to seek truth, the perfect crust, and the Great American Baguette for a reasonably modest remuneration. Let me be the first to volunteer in this academic and culinary endeavor!

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Booo, Macrina? I would drive down to Borracchini's for just about everything before Macrina.


Sigh. They DO need better research.

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For any of you in the tri-state area, this bread store is a MUST-See will not be sorry.  The provolone bread is to die for and the pumpkin boule with pumpkin seeds (seasonal) is divine.


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Everybody's got an opinion.  I did some hard research.

I've had Tartine's bread.  While the place is very trendy, I like Acme's bread better, to my taste.  I've been meaning to try Della Fattoria in Petaluma for years. A good buddy of mine who lives there swears by it.  We just happened to be going past Petaluma yesterday, so we swung into town and stopped for a look, a smell and a taste...or five.  For science!  

It's a little place on the main street, with a few tables and a dozen or so bread choices as well as numerous pastries, muffins and cakes.  

They offer small loaves (about 1/3 pound I'd say) they call "Lil Guys".  Available in several types: Campagne, Ciabatta, Olive and Meyer Lemon-Rosemary.  We got a Campagne and a Ciabatta.  The Ciabatta was good, not great.  The Campagne was superb.  We also tried a couple laminated pastries, which were as good as such things get...truly amazing.

I recommend it.

Thanks for the link (and the reminder), Breadsong.



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You're welcome, Glenn. If I ever get to Petaluma I would make a point of stopping in there. -- breadsong