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What type of oil

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What type of oil

Hi everyone i am David and  just joined the fresh loaf  forum  and need some help as i have been given a bread maker and i am trying to bake my first loaf and need some help . The loaf i am making is a  whole wheat  bread  in the recipe it tells me that i need 2 EI OiL i have looked the book from front to back and cant fine out what EI Oil is would someone on the fourm be able to help the bread maker is a  Bifinett KH 2231

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EVOO is a common accronym for extra virgin olive oil; not sure what EI would be. EVOO should work fine in your machine. Or Canola if you want less flavor from the oil.


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Could it be German for tablespoon? (Essloeffel) It would make sense since recipes usually call for about that amount of oil.

Good luck.