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pastry making video

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pastry making video

One I though I'd share with you guys: Bread maker  Vincent Talleu’s 10-minute pastry-making tutorial is quite entertaining. Loved watching all those shapes being made, and am a bit wowed by the "magic croissant cutter" tool.


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Vincent T. video's are so fun to watch and learn his big smile when he takes out the finished bake! What a great bakerman! Saved in favorites :)  I wish for him to have his own bakery someday!


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to watch !

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these look so yummy, can't even think about the pale immitations from Safeway, which while good, are usually underbaked, and no where near as crispy as those looked to be.

Am just going to have to try making some for myself! YUM!

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And he's sporting a goatee!

Gosh, he's amazing!

Hope Pat stops by to see the sheeter porn.  ;-)

Thanks - makes me happy just watching him.


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That man is ORGANIZED!!

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Thank you so much for posting this video!
The shaping demonstrations are fantastic, the baked goods are gorgeous, and I really want a sheeter.
From breadsong



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Matt H

How come no one is commenting about that roller machine?!? That thing is freakin cool.

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Mini Oven


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it was a reapeat for me. But yes the sheeter is really cool. Just ask Proth5 she wants one! LOL So do I, it sure would make the croissants easier to roll out, but hey, mine didn't turn out too bad, just not great for a first try.

I have my thoughts on a home version that I want to see if I can't make, it won't be as fancy or neat as that one, but it will roll the dough and that is the thing right?


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He must be making from all those eggs he cracks, but its nothing like any pastry cream filling I've seen a recipe for, since all of those only use the egg yolks!

I want it, I hate separating eggs! Besides it looks so much richer than anyother I've seen either!