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New baker from SE MN

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Meat Hunter

New baker from SE MN

Hello everyone. Have lurked on your site for some time and decided to man up and create an account. My bread making endevours started a little over a year ago where a member of a smoking meat site that I belong to sent me some of his SD starter. Well that was all it took. Have made several loaves from his and have just made my own all Rye SD starter. I have just received my book, "The bread bakers apprentice" and I love it. First bake was the French bread. Came out quite well, at least to me it did. Making anothe batch tomorrow.


Like any new hobby, I will have a ton of questions and look forward to any and all input.



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Mini Oven

That is also a pretty part of the state.  Did some innertubing in those parts not too long ago.  Had a great time!  Rye SD starters are the best!   Welcome!

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I also live in SE MN and besides baking bread I do smoking and BBQ and bread baking on the Big Green Egg. I'll be making some sourdough bread from BBA on Thursday. Lots in common me thinks. Enjoy the site!