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I baked it anyway

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I baked it anyway

Yesterday evening, I messed up a recipe for a small fruit+nuts sourdough loaf and ended up with an incoherend wet mess of dough that wouldn't be stretched or folded, or even handled without falling to pieces.
I was on the verge of throwing it out, but decided to see what happened, if only for the learning experience. So after two hours of fermentation I manhandled it into a sausage shape and put it in a pan for overnight proof in my cold cupboard. Amazingly, it had doubled in size this morning, so I baked it anyway.

It's not pretty, but it turned into a nice little loaf with an airy crumb, and the taste is great!
(Pics of dough and crumb in my Picasa bread album, click on "brood" below)


From Brood
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Looks like a banana bread texture to me, and that's really good.

You set a good example.  There's always time to throw it to the dog, but not until after it's baked.  You can't learn anything if you dispose of your experiment before the test flight.