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Interesting American-Italian cooking videos...

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Interesting American-Italian cooking videos...

...including home-made pizza!

I normally don't like video instruction for cooking or baking, but "Gianni's North Beach" is an exceptional series of videos which are quite well produced, of 'Gianni' making various classic Italian dishes in a casual, yet confident manner. Measurements are few to non-existent, but he explains what he is doing very well and also gives great warnings about the pitfalls to avoid

I spent a couple of hours of real fun watching these videos and I also picked up a few great cooking tips. I include the link to "Pizza Margherita" below

Enjoy, and have a happy 2011!   



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Hi Copyu. Thanks for recommending our videos. I'm glad that you enjoyed them. You're right the videographer/producer who makes Gianni's North Beach possible is very talented. I'm lucky to be working with him. I don't spend a lot of time with measurements in the video because all the details are in the text recipe included in each episode. Hopefully, the video/text recipe combination gives the full picture of how to make the dish. Thanks again for your kind words. Buon apetitto!